Cartoon Networld

Image result for casualty Reality is depressing enough. We experience arguments, fights and drama enough in the real world so why on earth would anyone take time out of their day to watch a fabricated version on shows like Eastenders or Coronation Street which seem to be never ending and pretty much show the same thing every episode? And dramas like Casualty are just plain sick. I don’t want to spend my evenings watching a traumatic car crash and then see the victim being sliced and diced until they die. What sicko would call this entertainment??

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Cartoons are different. They’re interesting and help me escape the confines of this dark and depressing universe where tragedies such as racism and car crashes occur on a daily basis. There is no cheating, bullying or profanity. Just pure innocence. Something I believe we all secretly crave. Why should this unadulterated pleasure be exclusive to kids though? As an 18 year old, I always feel a weird sense of shame when I
change channels from BBC which my parents watch to Cartoon Network which is only a page away from the shows that are targeted at toddlers.


It’s not just the dilution of oImage result for gravity fallsffense which I enjoy but the artwork. The vibrant colours, the detail in every object on the screen. It’s an art which I highly appreciate and wish that I could create. The creation of fantasy lands such as the Candy Kingdom from Adventure Time or the park from Regular Show or the forest in Gravity Falls, all of them are simply idyllic and mesmerising. These places are much more aesthetically pleasing and I know that I’d sure rather live in any of these locations than Albert Square or Coronation Street.