The Sad Life of Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath was born on October 27, 1932, in Boston to Aurelia Schober Plath and Otto Plath. Plath’s father was an entomologist and a professor of biology at Boston University who authored a book about bumblebees which gives the poet’s collection of poems on bees a much deeper meaning. Otto Plath died on November 5, […]

Cartoon Networld

Reality is depressing enough. We experience arguments, fights and drama enough in the real world so why on earth would anyone take time out of their day to watch a fabricated version on shows like Eastenders or Coronation Street which seem to be never ending and pretty much show the same thing every episode? And […]

Finding My Religion

I’ve always considered myself as a radical atheist. Hating the idea of God and everything and anyone that was connected with it. I would always stay at home when my family went to the Christmas service at our village church. They’d be surrounded by people celebrating, uniting together as one to sing carols and stick […]

Art & Culture on the Southbank

Now that I’m technically a grown up, being 18 years old, my mother finds it difficult to buy Christmas presents for me. Even though I would’ve been quite content with a litre of vodka, I also received tickets to the Globe theater in London to see The Little Matchgirl (probably because I’m a literature student). […]

December Drawings 

I was interested in the human form and expression of emotion last month.  My first piece explores passion and the internal feeling of it conveyed as a physical form. A fluid object flying through the air, with two beings joining together as one. The pink heart shaped flare of light highlights the two lovers that […]

Invisible Disabilities

I have lupus. Ever heard of it? Neither did the guy on the train that i tried to convince to give up his seat for me when I was returning from my regular visit to the hospital. Its embarrassing! Having to submit an argument whenever I require help or assistance. From the outside I look […]